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Every company needs a website to be used for marketing as well as for communicating with existing customers and potential new customers. The first page that people see is the homepage so to pull in a
Vitaly M. Golomb a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur, investor, and author. He has spent his career in the printing industry, marketing services, technology startups, and international venture capital


20 February

While fortunes can be created and lost, once you lose your health it is difficult to get it back. In my life I have had more than my share of adversity in the arena of pain and suffering. Over the years I have created an extensive tool box of healt...

19 February

5 SEO Tips to Get Your Business Ranked Locally
Google has changed the game again.  Local SEO is the new way to market, just like it was generations ago. With the newest updates from Google, local businesses have an opportunity to reach more of their local customers and p...