Mission Critical


Relayo is here to:

Unlock the knowledge that exists all around us and make it instantly available.

The Value:

When it comes to getting robust expertise, there’s got to be a better way:

What we usually do: Get lost in endless message boards where misplaced nerd anger runs rampant. Visit QA sites that make War and Peace seem like light reading. Fight for attention from professionals. Sift through search results to find that needle in the endless haystack.

Connect with an expert and skip the noise. #peoplepower

The Idea: While working on web and mobile apps, we became lost and overwhelmed while searching for Patent, Development, Software expertise. The thought occurred…. getting answers via an instant consultation would be soooooooo much better. Then we said - let’s create Relayo!.

For Users:

It’s instant - jump right in and connect to real people who can help you. Build a network of go-to people to be your #braintrust #lifeteam. Help the community by sharing your knowledge and help Relayo grow. Use Relayo however you would like - to help others, spend time sharing your expertise, to grow your business by chatting with potential customers, it's really up to you. Our vision is to give you the place to make expert connections happen instantly.

Hooray for Humans!

"Humans helping humans, what a beautiful thing!"

"More connections = more growth."

For businesses, Relayo connects you to resources instantly. This means zero onboarding time, instant answers, and power networking like never before. On the otherside, by connecting your business as a provider to those needing help... the possibilities for growing your clientele are endless... once the connection is made, you decide what want to do!

"Finding a hero is easier than ever."

We built this thing to open the knowledge flood gates. When you need help, when you have questions, need advice, guidance, all that good stuff, connect to a REAL HUMAN. Via an instant chat portal and a directory of people organized by what they know, you can find help easily. Set some tags on your profile and help others as well! It's healthy whole grain help, that's free range open source and gluten safe and dolphin approved.