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Expertise on Tap

Relayo is a ridiculously easy way to connect with helpful people worldwide. Freelancers, consultants, experts, pro's, are just some of the types of helpful humans you'll find. The magic of live chat allows users to interact with multiple people in real time, over chat, audio or video. Peers of all sorts represent 1200 plus subjects ranging from art to zoology, so explore and connect, it's fun! Bookmark us!

Time is Money, Monetize Yours

Got knowledge? We need your help to grow this community. The rewards of helping humanity are just the beginning. Help people with your expertise and connect with more opportunities. The relayo marketplace is open and flexible, so you control how people contact you, when you are live, and how you want to help.

Supporting the Gig Economy

"A gig economy is an environment in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements. The trend toward a gig economy has begun. A study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of American workers would be independent contractors." - techtarget.com

We spend all day promoting those gig'n out there in the world. On demand expertise, articles, blogs, and advice are available to help you with your mission. We're also working on micro consulting, micro tasking, and supporting your ability to engage with people online to accomplish your goals. Here are just some of the new tech we're bringing to help promote connectivity and earnings: XMPP open source chat, braintree + bitcoin integration, and mobile responsiveness.

Why Relayo?

As a major supporter of people helping each other, our peer to peer platform is designed to empower finding, connecting and learning.

Relayo gives you superpowers, kind of. We make it ridiculously easy to connect with anyone on the planet with multi window live chat. As a superhero you can earn or learn in real time. Every day we strive to improve this totally open open air market place designed to empower you.

Who uses Relayo?


Experts, freelancers, bloggers, mentors, coaches, businesses, service providers, influencers and humans of all kinds, use relayo to promote their talents, service offerings, and value to the world.


People use relayo to instantly connect with superheroes in order to get answers and help with projects. We focus on making the connection fast and simple. Using live chat, email, and other forms of contact, there are zero barriers to finding and connecting with the hero you need at the speed of now.


It’s instant - jump right in and connect to real people who can help you. Build a network of go to people to be your #braintrust #lifeteam. Help the community by sharing your knowledge and help Relayo grow. Use Relayo however you would like - to help others, spend time sharing your expertise, to grow your business by chatting with potential customers, it's really up to you. Our vision is to give you the place to make expert connections happen instantly.

Hooray for Humans!

"Humans helping humans, what a beautiful thing!"