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LinkedIn for Freelancers - Win At Connecting

Sam - Updated: August 12th, 2018    Views 16

Linkedin | Freelancing

Linkedin is a great tool if used correctly. I’ve run sales teams for 15 years and during 2005 a new tool, LinkedIn promised an endless source of leads. The product grew fast driven by explosive user...


Freelancer tips and tricks: How to deal with payments directly

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: August 13th, 2018    Views 31

p2p payments | Payroll | Freelancing | Gig Economy | negotiating

Find out how to deal with direct payments without using an escrow system or accounting department. Sometimes it can help to know how to negotiate directly with the client, not only to make sure you ge...


5 Tactics to Improve Your Personal Brand

Sam - Updated: August 05th, 2018    Views 29

Personal Brand

Think about how the world has changed in visibility across social networks, liability mitigation, and branding. You are a corporation, but are you running yourself like one? Here are 5 tactical improv...


Challenger Sales Methodology Summarized by A Sales Person

Sam - Updated: August 05th, 2018    Views 15

B2B Sales | SaaS Sales | Sales | sales consulting | sales development

A quick summary of what the challenger sales model is and why it is effective for modern sales teams.


Why working from home is impossible

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: August 07th, 2018    Views 26

Freelancing | Gig Economy | side hustle | work from home | Work Life Balance

Working from home sounds like a no brainer but in reality is counterproductive and costly. Freelancers shouldn't have to learn this the hard way.


Best Places to Search For Flexible Work At Home Jobs

Sam - Updated: April 08th, 2018    Views 21

flexible working | work at home | Careers

Flexible work at home jobs for flexible working arrangements


Side Hustling and Ride Sharing Short Term Cash Long Term Wear

Sam - Updated: April 08th, 2018    Views 8

uber | lyft | ride sharing | door dash | postmates

Side Hustling on Uber vs Lyft vs Door Dash vs your Wallet in the Long vs Short term


My Simple Early Retirement Strategy

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: April 09th, 2018    Views 7

Tax-free retirement | Retire | Startups | Business Development | saving

Early retirement can be a reality, and using a simple strategy if you're willing to make certain sacrifices and think outside the box.


How to make yourself more desirable and valuable as a freelancer

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: August 10th, 2018    Views 10

Freelancing | Gig Economy | Life Skills | Self Employment | Business Consultant

Increase your value as a freelancer by treating yourself like a business and focusing on a specific niche.


Top ten reasons why you should trash your cell phone

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: March 15th, 2018    Views 11

Productivity | cellphone | Social Media | healthy living | Time Management

The cell phone has become a part of our daily lives, but is it useful or even healthy?


The rise of the crypto poor millenials

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: March 27th, 2018    Views 11

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Ethereum | Bitcoin Cash | Crypto Currencies

Crypto poor is a term for people who have nearly all their assets tied up in crypto currencies, with little leftover for even basic necessities.


What To Expect When Working At A Startup

Sam - Updated: March 11th, 2018    Views 4

startup | startup | startup advice

So you want to work at a startup? Think about what that means for a second. If you’re fresh out of college or a bit older, working at a startup can be the most rewarding and frustrating experience o...


Sales Interview Tips for Today's Sales Reps

Sam - Updated: March 11th, 2018    Views 6

B2B Sales | SaaS Sales | Sales | Recruiting | interview prep

I’ve interviewed over 1000 sales reps in my lifetime as someone who started out his professional career as a sales recruiter and now operating as a sales leader. From these experiences I can tell yo...


Crypto currencies unbanked

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: March 10th, 2018    Views 8

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Ethereum | Bitcoin Cash

Learn how to become unbanked using crypto currencies.


How to get paid directly in Bitcoin and Litecoin: The final frontier of crypto currency and the gig economy.

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: March 09th, 2018    Views 10

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Crypto Currencies | Gig Economy | Business Consultant

Get paid directly in Bitcoin and Litecoin using crypto consultations and get prepared for the new gig economy.


SaaS Sales Techniques for the Modern Age

Sam - Updated: March 04th, 2018    Views 5

SaaS Sales | information technology

Selling Software as a service in the modern age to tech decision makers across many verticals outlined here.


Post A Job or Gig for Free In the Right Place

Sam - Updated: March 04th, 2018    Views 6

Gig Economy | Career

Where to post a free job or free gig posting in the gig economy. Connect with freelancers instantly in the right way.


Why you should be mining Bitcoin and Litecoin at a loss

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: February 28th, 2018    Views 11

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Crypto Currencies

Consider mining Bitcoin and Litecoin at a loss if you want to truly invest in the network.


Why Litepay is important for Litecoin and Bitcoin

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: February 28th, 2018    Views 6

Litecoin | Bitcoin | Crypto Currencies

Litepay will be an important addition to the Litecoin ecosystem and encourage other entrepreneurs to join in.


Top Cryptocurrencies for 2018

Sam - Updated: February 25th, 2018    Views 5

Bitcoin | Ethereum | Litecoin

List of top cryptocurrencies to explore in 2018. From bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, to stellar,