Adventures of Rosy Posy the Papillion ~ FRIENDSHIP ~ A Children's Values Series Book

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Children’s Book by Diana Rangaves

Title: Adventures of Rosy Posy the Papillion~ A Children’s Values Series

Rosy Posy, an adorable Papillion, learns how to makes friends, share, and
ask for help. Rosy Posy demonstrates what friendship is and how important it is
to be a friend. Join Rosy Posy on a great friend adventure.

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Audience: Beginning
readers grades Pre-K to K, Emerging readers grades K to 1, and Confident readers’
grades 1-2. The children’s series encompasses relative groups 0 to 8 years of


Content:  Adventures of the primary character within the
interactions and relationships built with other characters. Each book in the
series constructs key life learning concepts.  


Format: The
theme of each picture book story in the series, told in text and beautifully illustrated
color pages contains a beginning, middle climax and ends in a growth change for
a character.  

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Adventures of Rosy Posy the
Papillion ~ Friendship Published April 2017

Adventures of Rosy Posy the
Papillion ~ Kindness

Adventures of Rosy Posy the
Papillion ~ Acceptance

Adventures of Rosy Posy the
Papillion ~ Encouragement

Adventures of Rosy Posy the
Papillion ~ Intention

Adventures of Rosy Posy the
Papillion ~ Commitment

Adventures of Rosy Posy the
Papillion ~ I Miss You

Adventures of Rosy Posy the
Papillion ~ Appreciation

Adventures of Rosy Posy the
Papillion ~ Disappointment

Adventures of Rosy Posy the
Papillion ~ Respect

Adventures of Rosy Posy the
Papillion ~ Persistence

Adventures of Rosy Posy the
Papillion ~ Love



Pedagogy:  Each captivating story in the series incorporates
repetitive language, growing vocabulary range, simple to varied complex sentences,
visual cues, such as illustrations and interactive activities, high-interest
story arcs developing topics of temperament and personality.




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Biography:  Diana Rangaves is a full-time writer,
editor, award-winning teacher and pharmacist.

Currently, Senior Website Health
Editor for two writing teams: Runner’s Injury Section and Injury eBooks for part of the Gringo Marketing ApS Media Company.

She has work appearing in
numerous venues, including children’s picture books, medical pharmaceutical
books, scholastic books, and academic articles. Diana is the author of the Rosy
Posy Papillion
children’s series. One-hundred percent of the author’s
royalties benefit She is also the author of the growth
educational books, Medicine Child’s Play, Escape into Excellence, and Embrace
Your Excellence.

She is actively working on the
Ethical Hacker ~ Acidemia a political suspense thriller novel, we wish we could
say more! Engage:

The ETHICAL HACKER ~ Acidemia is
a political suspense thriller novel involving the politics of power at a
college campus Foundation, fraud, discrimination, cover-ups, and greed leading
all the way up to the Chancellors’ and Governors’ office.  

is a criminal suspense thriller novel.

Former Executive Editor and Chief
Content Officer for the digital magazine, Healthcare Worldwide Central, she
earned her Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of California, San

Diana is a foster mom for and lives in California with her dogs and pasture pets, in
their forever home. Explore:   Discover:   Email: 

This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real
people, or real places are used fictitiously. All other names, characters,
places, and events are products of the author’s imagination, and any
resemblance to actual events or places or persons, living of dead, is entirely
coincidental. I made up every word.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get

It’s not.  ~ The Lorax, Dr. Seuss

Excerpt from The Ethical Hacker ~ Acidemia

Ahmed watches surveillance footage in his office, reflecting how far this has
come. This is not his first experience of surgical political assassination. The
techniques he uses are a standard textbook. The tenets recoiling around
themselves: ride out the thing, stonewall, deny, suggest that the opponent created
it all, dig into their past, and destroy their credibility. If that fails, make
it up and leak it to the media; then sit back and watch as the press has their
fun then get bored with it. If done correctly the whirlpool of piranhas, each
clawing for a piece of meat will effectively add their own spins, ultimately
leaving the opponents broken carcass adrift.


has too much invested in this strategy to abandon it now or ever. He can spin
anything and set anyone up for failure. He is not just engaged in the process,
he is happy to be difficult. It fuels him and provides a sense of joy to
influence conflicts.


at himself on the video monitor, he sees himself the way he wanted to see
himself. Charismatic diplomacy practiced at the highest levels of fraud and
deceit. Magnetic appeal, expansive personality, imposing yet mercurial, appears
to read others thoughts. He is the expert in codes, counterintelligence
tactics, and psychological operations.


he scoffed, as his eyes drifted to the card, left under his door, that now sits
ominously at the center of his desk.


shows that there have been very many conspiracies, but few have turned out
well.” Niccolo Machiavelli, the Prince




When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

In grammar school we are
assigned book reports. I loved reading new books and writing about them. During
the summers my mother took me to the local library Summer Reading Club. That
was the baby steps!


How long does it take you to write a book?

From one month to five years!
There is no timetable for inspiration and quality. The key is never, never to
give up. Persistence pays!


What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

Early morning is for
reflecting and writing key ideas, words, and concepts. The physical writing is
in the afternoon. Truly, sometimes I wake up at 2 am and write!  


What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

By using an old family
Webster's dictionary hard cover book. When I am stuck I open it randomly and
let my eyes gaze down the pages. When my eyes stop on a word that is the key
word to reflect and build the writing up on!


How do books get published?

For now, I have used a
legitimate publisher. I like the collaboration and teamwork. We each build on
the each other's energy and positive attitudes!


Where do you get your information or ideas for your

Honestly, I write from what I