Automated Regulatory Management System for Business Operation

ALFATEK By ALFATEK - Updated: September 23rd, 2017
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ALFATEK Team is getting ready to
introduce ARM platform to the US Market. The program
represents a complete solution for business automation from A to Z. All
departments of the enterprise are involved. Uses centralized data, which avoids
double work in departments. At each stage - the program checks mistakes and
does not allow actions that are not permitted.

The program keeps complete statistics on
all activities. Saves the history of work for customers, projects and orders.
At any time, you can open the history and see how the work went through, find
out at what stage the delays and problems have occurred.

 Heads of the organization can remotely view the activity
of their business through a mobile application. To see the costs and incomes,
approve bills for payment, view the attendance of employees and what time they
were in the workplace. To see what kind of employee is busy at the moment and
how much time it takes for them to process task.