Relayo Chat Test Program

Admin By Admin - Updated: September 23rd, 2017
Posts 33    Views 273    Like 1 is a live chat based QA site where people can pay or for free talk with experts/peers/influencers, etc.. We made this to unleash knowledge and give people a way to monetize their expertise.

We are running a beta test so we are looking for experts to help people over live chat whenever you have free time. To get setup, please sign up and add some tags to your profile, image and summary if possible as well.

What happens next:
when a user pings you, you will get an email notification so you won't have to be on the site at all, just when a user pings you. activity may be zero for the first month but from there it will pick up! a payment system is going live on the site within 2 weeks and you would be paid to by credit card by a willing user to your venmo account.

We will be in touch with email updates and will be analyzing how the site performs when activity picks up. Our test will be seeing the site in action.

What you get:
a featured account with zero commission taken from your earnings
(usually we take 10% for admin)
featured placement with a flag on your account to push you to the top of the results to be more easily found
our eternal gratitude for being an early user for this test

Please reply with an email address if you haven't already, that way we can keep track of your account. Please add your user name as well in the email so we can make sure to feature you. You can point to any blog, page, freelancer site etc.. if you want on your summary! We want to help you in any way we can to get more exposure for your skills.

As time goes by we will have more to share and other ways to get involved with this growing community. If you have ideas please share.


Will I need to stay online?
You won't have to sit waiting as new chat activity will be sent to your email as a notification
How do payments work?
Payments will be available after about 1-2 weeks as we get all onboarded and set up profiles for you so you can earn per min of expertise shared.
How do I get paid?
Short term as the product is in beta, you will have a paypal button or venmo button. User pays you upfront or after your chat session.
Future - fully integrated payment system where the user pays you in real time for your expertise.
1-2 weeks out from debut.