Tell Me a Story

Brian Tart By Brian Tart - Updated: September 23rd, 2017
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When you were a kid you loved them. You begged your
parents and probably anyone else who would listen...”Tell me a
story!” If you have kids, you've heard it a thousand times. That's
because kids, and adults if they're honest, love a good story and
they always will. Since our ancestors sat around the fire, telling
yarns and tales of real adventure, we all have felt the power of a
good story and in the world of marketing, that power gets us to take

The artist who paints a portrait is telling us a
story about their subject. The documentary film-maker, even with the
most somber or alarming subject, knows the impact of their message
must be made through a story. And the company that wants to sell us
their wares knows it too...if you want to connect, tell me something

Digital marketing, social media and the deluge of
information available today are just more modern, electronic mediums
of storytelling. If you heard a particularly good story as a kid, you
couldn't wait to tell your best friend. If you see a compelling video
as an adult, you can't wait to share it with your friends too. But
those friends may be all over the world.

You use Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to share your
finds. That's because telling a good story or hearing one is all
about sharing. We love to share things that are interesting to us and
we love to have things shared with us because it makes us feel

Marketing. There's that word. It sounds cold
to some of us. Even dirty to others. It conjures up images of
manipulation, coercion, even of control over our actions. But it
doesn't have to be. The best marketing comes from telling the best

Today we hear about permission marketing...” may I
tell you a story?” We hear about SEO...” this story is about
finance, finance, and like finance don't you?” And we
hear about likes, rankings, and shares, oh my!

But it's not all about business or selling or
manipulation. If you want to get a message out in the world, then you
tell your story. Your book, your sketches, your cause. Your passion,
your mission, your handmade totem pole blog. You have to tell us a
story if you want us to hear your message.

Stories have power and everyone has one to tell. So
tell me a story...