Oracle Takes Blockchain to the Cloud

Admin Mike By Admin Mike - October 04th, 2017
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I’ve read many articles, seen talks, and listened to theories about how
Blockchain technology (the underlying technology of Bitcoin) has the
potential to be one of the most transformative technologies of our time.
The ability to have a secure, decentralized ledger could shake up any
industry including banking, real estate, and government operation.

Until now though I personally haven’t seen much movement on all these
ideas. I’m not saying there is none, but the visions seem to far
outweigh the actions. Until now! Oracle is walking the talk and trying
to keep up in the competition with Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure)
for cloud service supremacy. The Oracle Block Chaim Cloud Service will
change B2B transactions by making them more secure, transparent, and
efficient. Now businesses that offer SaaS (Software as a Service)
applications will be easier to integrate with Oracle databases, automate
certain processes, and scale up when the time is right.

Oracle Unveils Blockchain Cloud Service to Bring Security and Resiliency to the Enterprise

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