Vaults of Fortune the Magazine, Issue 1, 11/2017

Rene Ramirez By Rene Ramirez - November 11th, 2017
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Vaults of Fortune the Magazine, Issue 1, 11/2017

First blog entry, November 12th, 2017
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I'm Rene, creator and founder of Vaults of Fortune, we are based in Orange County, Ca. We provide security and safety solutions for the home, business and vehicle. 

It seems like every week we are witnesses to tragic attacks conducted by crazy and evil men. Whether its a terrorists attack by foreign and domestic terrorists, or cases of predatory rapists on women and children. The majority of us just want to live happy lives without the fear of any of this. Some people know better and take precautions at a minimum. However my take on it is why don't people take their own safety and security a little more serious? Why don't you invest a little more time and effort into protecting yourself, your family, and your property with a little more planning and seriousness as you would your next weekend warrior outing or your next vacation. 

Granted most cases are isolated and it happens to others, but it happens often and it happens anywhere, kike seriously no small town is too small for mentally deranged terrorist. Truly, there is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity, as General MacArthur said. And what I think he meant by that is that the best thing one can do is take the opportunity to prepare themselves for any thing, to anticipate the worst. Because if and when something bad does happen, you will not be helpless to act, you will be mentally equipped to handle a bad situation. If we are fortunate to get caught up in a bad situation then we can consider ourselves lucky and blessed and at the least you can be confident and walk tall in the knowledge that you are mentally and psychically knowledgeable in such skills as safety and security awareness and preparedness. 

Now I'm not saying you have to go become paranoid and become a survivalist and prepare for armageddon. There are steps you can take to be safe and secure. If you want to learn more or get some advice don't hesitate to chat with me or send me a message.