What To Expect When Working At A Startup

Sam By Sam - Updated: March 11th, 2018
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What To Expect When Working At A Startup

So you want to work at a startup? Think about what that means for a second. If you’re fresh out of college or a bit older, working at a startup can be the most rewarding and frustrating experience of your professional life. I’ve working at companies with over ten thousand employees, run my own businesses, and served with early stage startups with 100-200 employees.

A startup needs soldiers, people that can get it done without excuse. The biggest ingredient in the path to success is time. Startups need everything right now because if they don’t their customers will flee and their competition will shout with glee. It may sound crazy, but in reality its 1000x worse. There just isn’t enough time, so full dedication and self reliance is paramount.

Everyone thinks its the best environment with ping pong tables, kegs of beer, and other amenities, but you’ll have no time to enjoy these perks when you’re racing against the clock. I am being a bit dramatic but think about it, the clock is running and money is finite. Most startups will fail in 5 years.
Rule one is that it is hard hard work with less glamour than you think. Here are areas of insight to give you a realistic insider's view of what working at a startup will be like.

People, Product and Process:

A startup will have a lack of all three. You will be frustrated, will have to research in real time to find an elegant, timely solution to a problem, without anyone else’s help.

Work Life Balance:

If your read these words in a startups job description, they’re lying.


Get some if you can, but you’re going to be there for 3-5 years to let those shares mature.

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