Best Places to Search For Flexible Work At Home Jobs

Sam By Sam - Updated: April 08th, 2018
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Flexible work at home jobs for flexible working arrangements

Some people want to work from home and thrive in that environment. Some people couldn’t think of a worse situation and would rather commute as long as it takes to get out of the house. Most of us what the option. If you have family to care for and need to attend to ad hoc trips to ferry your family from one apt to the other, kids, etc… being able to be local and accessible is vital to your situation.

Some days you just need to be in your own cone of silence / echo chamber to truly focus. Other days you need to be present and easily engageable.
It’s all about flexibility in this day and age. With companies building new infrastructure and hardware to empower virtual presence, it’s a miracle more people aren’t taking advantage of easily deploy-able work from home setups. The internet was supposed to make working from home ubiquitous, but people still commute hrs a day to be physically present while losing all those product hours to the dreaded commute.

Most people arrive at work, skip the pleasantries and stick the headphones on… so what they’re saying is, let me hurry up to get to work, avoid people, silo myself in my own virtual cocoon, and then rush back home without engaging with a single soul??!?! Does everyone see the ridiculous premise outlined previously? Imagine all the eliminated headaches and frustrations by eliminating the commute (most days).

In the future, more and more people are slated to be independent contractors (freelancers) in this gig economy. Harvard recently ran a study that confirmed the benefits of working from home. It’s all about empowering employees, and when in the right place, right opportunity, and right mindset, productivity is a non-issue.

When you’re searching for work life balance, flexible work arrangements are hard to find but some places have made it as easier for you to find that perfect job opportunity.

Here are my top 3 pics from 15 year of professional experience (and having created a job board in the past - leading to studying the market with great depth. Live chat with me if you’d like to go deeper, I’d love to help you)

Founded in 2007, you do have to pay but it’s worth it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed as a job seeker. They use this membership fee to maintain standards and clear out junk - trust me, you want to invest in this. Work from home and flexible working can often lead to “being ripped off from home and flexible fleecing” - my opinion and experience.

Yes, you can
that… but its a collector of jobs so you’ll have to sift through a TON of listings. Luckily, google has a variety of filters to help slice up the data and pinpoint what you’re looking for.

For those who want to travel and work (an added flexibility layer), this is a great little site, although not the most highly visited site, they do curate with quality.

*Know that some jobs that pay you to work from home will be an absolute nightmare for some. Phone reps, customer service roles, telemarketing, … all have tremendous turnover, because they are abusive and treat appointees as collateral damage (not good).

*Align your passions with your work whenever you can. If you love dogs, try to be a dog walker. Keep in mind, sometimes making your hobby your work, can ruin your love for your hobby - that’s the beauty of life, aka the frustration!