5 Tactics to Improve Your Personal Brand

Sam By Sam - Updated: August 05th, 2018
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5 Tactics to Improve Your Personal Brand

Think about how the world has changed in visibility across social networks, liability mitigation, and branding. You are a corporation, but are you running yourself like one? Here are 5 tactical improvements to help you thrive as a professional in today’s competitive marketplace and build your own brand; all predicated upon the premise that you are a mini corporation.

Personal Branding Value Message

Your value. As a corporation, it’s not about who you are, what you do, as much as it is about why, you are important. Starting here, we can take score your personal value in the professional world. What are you not only good at, but what are you working towards or have you worked at building to motivate someone to pay you? This is your unique value proposition. For some its’s selling, for others it’s healing.

Think about what audience you want to target with your message. Then focus on winning that audience over, don’t dilute in appealing to everyone, you’ll end up appealing to no one because your message will have stunted depth and will be so watered down, it will be rendered ineffective. Write down your personal value message and continue sculpting over time to optimize once you’ve gauged the reaction.
Place this message on your social networks, LInkedin for sure! Make sure you Linkedin hygiene is on point.

Personal Marketing

Start writing. A blog is great, it can be therapeutic, but as you grow in expertise and wisdom, you will have developed a unique view on your professional world. Take this perspective and publish it. You’ll stink at it at first, but you will not improve without exercising… so just go for it. You’ll feel empowered, start leading thought, and have something of your own to discuss when meeting people, interviews, etc… it’s a delighter!

Grow your network, join a new group and get involved, hint: you can share those blogs you wrote. Reach out to industry leaders on twitter, this can, when it works, invigorate you and grow your network like crazy. Think of how much marketing a business requires to compete and stay in the minds of its audience, this is you, you need to be out there, staying active in the minds of your audience.

Manage your personal and professional self. Do not expose your whacky side to the wrong people. Trust me, they are all googling you before they even know who you are. Clean up your profiles, or hire someone to do so. Personal Agile Engineering and Sprints


You are an engineer, trust me. You design your meals, calendar, workout regime, etc… run yourself like the best engineering department you can and adopt the agile approach. This involves running sprints to improve your state. That means taking on new challenges, reading, staying hungry and starting with a baseline to track trends. It takes organization, purpose and commitment, you will see wild results when you design your life.

Sunday night, write down what you want to accomplish this week, the three most important tasks, and how they will impact your life. Then commit the time, see if you
stick with it, and if you don’t, carry it forward.

Taking it further than the calendar, you can buy a self journal - these things offer a holistic approach to managing your productivity in a goal oriented manner that also has mental benefits. It does take commitment but can really focus your efforts for powerful results.

Talk To Yourself

Are you in the right market, vertical or segment? See how your story is developing and does it make logical sense? Is what you’re doing today going to be helpful for where you want to be in the future?
Run an audit. Spend and hour writing out your story and see how what you’re doing today impacts that.

Operational Health

Eat right and exercise. Get oxygen to the head.


Be imperfect and get uncomfortable for 21 days. If you mess up, who cares, you’re trying and you need to trust the process + yourself. Run sprints.