Alec Baldwin Arrested and Charged With Assault and Harrassement

Augustus Johnston By Augustus Johnston - November 02nd, 2018
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The great Alec Baldwin, everybody loves him, was arrested in New York Friday.  For a guy who everybody loves, these incidents really seem to be piling up.  Can we fairly say now, that Alec Baldwin has a  temper?  Is that fair, or am I crossing the line?

Does anybody remember when he called his daughter, "you rude little pig."  If you haven't listened to that audio, do yourself a favor, it's good for a laugh.  The CNN article said the gentleman that Baldwin punched was in stable condition.  Does that mean he's seriously hurt, or does it simply mean he's stable.  It all stemmed from a parking dispute in Manhattan.

Trump was asked about Baldwin's arrest, and he said, "I wish him luck"  That's a surprising quote, you'd think that trump would take the opportunity to pile on.  Maybe Trump's afraid of Baldwin, he has every reason to be.