Matt Lauer's Wife Seen Living It Up In Europe

Augustus Johnston By Augustus Johnston - November 03rd, 2018
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Of all the disgraced figures, to come to light, Matt Lauer is the one who surprised me the most.  I really didn't see that one coming.  He seemed like a really solid person, he fooled me big time.  After viewing some of the Today Show videos, I was able to understand Lauer's very dark side.  In one video, he is commenting on the way a female's body was positioned just off camera.  He seemed to behave as if there would never bee a consequence to his actions.  In a strip club I could understand it, but on national television?

Fox News reported that his wife has been seen in Europe without her wedding ring.  She kicked him out of their house.  Talk about adding insult to injury.  I'm sure he paid for that house, now he's being kicked out of it.  But who cares, I'm sure Lauer is a hundred millionaire.  He made much more money than he could ever have possibly deserved.  So I don't feel sorry for him.  In fact, I celebrate his fall. 

Fox reported that this is not the first time his wife has filed for divorce.  She did so in 2006 for "cruel and inhuman" treatment.  It wasn't even about sex in 2006.