Changing Titles of Things After You Buy Them

Augustus Johnston By Augustus Johnston - Updated: November 03rd, 2018
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When people buy things like restaurants, apartment complexes, and dance clubs, the owners often like to rename the establishments.  They often do this to their own detriment.  These establishments often have built in name recognition from years of existence under previous owners.

I was walking by these apartments in my neighborhood when I noticed "Cherry Creek Club" had changed its name.  Now that would be fine if they changed it to "Near Cherry Creek Club" because this complex isn't really in Cherry Creek.  Cherry Creek is an upscale neighborhood with multi-million dollar homes, fine dinging, and shopping.  This complex is adjacent to a strip mall with a laundromat , pizza joint, and a liquor store.  You get what I'm saying. 

They renamed this apartment complex "Espirit Apartments" and then "At Cherry Creek" in much smaller letters.  What a stupid name.  Quit trying to put your own spin on things after you buy them.  It's the same ghetto apartment complex it ever was, it's costing you money, because you know longer have that cool name, "Cherry Creek Club" no matter how untrue it was. 

You may have changed the carpeting in some of the apartments, but the only other visible change was that it's no longer a gated community.  They used to have a fence, and a little booth at the entrance.  It was a joke, because I'm sure there were many crimes being committed by the tenants inside, and the idea of people trying to break in to rob these "lavish" apartments was absurd.  I guess that's why they pulled the security booth. 

Quit putting your own spin on things.  You're not making it better, and you're certainly not making it more profitable.  Now you're just confusing the few people who were aware of your establishment.