Father Took Daughter and Friend To Strip Club

Augustus Johnston By Augustus Johnston - November 03rd, 2018
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The Miami Herald is reporting that a Florida man took his daughter and her friend to a strip club in Doral, Florida.  The father of the girl was 60 years old.  His daughter was 16, and her friend was 17.  The girls were drinking, smoking weed, and doing cocaine.  It is believed that the 17-year-old was providing at least some of the drugs to the other girl. 

Jose Manuel Arguelles will serve five years probation for the violation.  Authorities also found a caged alligator in his yard that he won't be charged for.  He would have never been caught for the strip club incidents (there were multiple occasions) if it wasn't for the 17-year-old's mom seeing pictures on her daughter's phone.  This is the mother of the girl that was providing Jose's daughter with cocaine?  How unfortunate?

Yes it's wrong for a father to take an underage daughter to a strip club, but isn't also wrong for the daughter's older friend to provide drugs for the two girls?  The Miami Herald also reported that the older girl was frequenting the club on her own.  It almost seems like his daughter's friend is a worse influence than the father.