I Feel Sorry For Broncos Coach, Vance Joseph

Augustus Johnston By Augustus Johnston - Updated: November 05th, 2018
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I feel sorry for Vance Joseph, he obviously has no idea what he's doing.  Joseph is utterly and completely confused out there.  He's out of control.  The Broncos were driving late in the game against the Texans, when Joseph decided to run the ball, which resulted in a loss.  At that point the Broncos were looking at a 50 yard field goal, and what does Joseph do?  He has the Broncos huddle up, wasting precious seconds.  He let the clock wind all the way down to three seconds.  Mcmanus, the broncos kicker then trotted out to take a very long low percentage kick.  

A friend of mine said that the Broncos should have shipped Joseph to Houston, and let demaryius thomas coach the team.  

I have maybe four or five people watching me at my job, and when  I first started it was very stressful when I didn't know what I was doing.  I can't imagine how Joseph feels, having millions watching him.  But Vance Joseph doesn't have an excuse, he's been around football his whole life.  I think he sealed his fate last night.