Stop Telling Me What to Watch or Read or Listen to

stephzoo By stephzoo - November 08th, 2018
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As humans, our greatest resources are our time and energy. I
appreciate getting suggestions that are curated to me, since my friends know what
I might like. But with the amount of content out there, the influx of
recommendations is getting a little overwhelming.


Nowadays, when people recommend me something, I ask them
instead to tell me about it. Share what they learned with their perspective
added to the mix. Give me the condensed (friend’s name)’s Notes.


I can’t possibly be
expected to watch or read or listen to everything someone recommends me.
first, when the recommendations started pouring in, I kept a list. But then, the
list just started growing and growing, and I couldn’t keep up.


I am a slow consumer of content. When reading, I take
intentional breaks to allow what I read to sink in, and feel how it applies to
my own life. Sure, I could chug through something for the sake of finishing it,
but then did I really read?


I need to go at my own
rate and at that rate, I would be forever buried in recommendations from
The beautiful thing about our world is accessibility. Anyone can
create amazing content and there are endless platforms to share it on. That
content can be discovered and appreciated by anyone, and before you know it,
it’s spreading around from person to person, from community to community. It is
amazing how far reaching content can get in our modern day, spanning countries
and touching millions of people across the globe.


The flip side to this is that there is so much content out
there. We could spend our entire days and lives just consuming content that
others create: listening to albums or podcasts, watching shows, reading
articles, and more. What I’m creating right now is yet more content.


The sheer volume of
content makes it a little unrealistic to expect anyone to adhere to your
recommendation, to access the same content you do.
With a seemingly endless
world out there on the internet, why shouldn’t you learn about different things
and come together to share it? This way, you can cover more knowledge ground
while getting your dose of human interaction.


The next time you
find yourself recommending something to someone, think of it as just that: a
They don’t have to do it, and if they do, great!

Something for you guys to discuss. Otherwise, being
different is something that can unite us. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all
became carbon clones of each other, regurgitating the same facts and
information? If we all intook the same information, we would have the same
database to form our own judgments about the world. We would all come to the
same conclusions and opinions. No thank you! I prefer being challenged and
experiencing other perspectives.


And when someone recommends something to you? Try asking
them to tell you about it instead. If they insist on you watching it, then
maybe it’s actually worth your time. Maybe not. That’s up to you to decide.