Food Equals Health

stephzoo By stephzoo - December 16th, 2018
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This connection seems lost on people nowadays. Processed foods, mass-produced meats, and refined sugars flood the markets. But when you pay attention to your body, the connection between food and health becomes undoubtedly clear.

It’s all about the microbiome.

These are the bacteria that live symbiotically in our stomach. We give them a home and feed them, and in turn, they help to inform our body of everything it needs. Cravings, emotions, and more come from the microbiome through the vagus nerve. It connects the stomach to the brain. Studies have shown that bacteria in our microbiome even generate neurotransmitters, like serotonin.


The microbiome is everything. The bacteria tell our bodies what it needs to survive. If you eat processed food, you are feeding bacteria that thrive off that while killing off the good bacteria. Your body’s cry for fiber-rich plants and nourishing foods dies with it. It’s a win for the bad bacteria, and their voice is amplified. You crave more, and therefore eat more. Meanwhile, the food itself damages your internal organs and gives you a leaky gut. It leaks into your blood stream, causing blood clots and going other places it shouldn’t. Things escalate from there, and that is how chronic disease came to plague America.


Diabetes, heart disease, cancer; these are modern day versions of illnesses that have historically wiped out great populations. They are all correlated to food.


Things need to change.


It is imperative that we connect the dots between food and health. It affects every part of our being. It is the most control we exercise over our body on a daily basis, introducing something new to it multiple times a day.


Thankfully, there are people working to pioneer this movement of taking back control of health. More and more, companies are creating plant-based foods that are tasty and nutritious under the guise of familiar foods that are hard to give up.


Once something is put out into the world, you can’t take it back or make people forget. That is why look-alike foods are so critical.


Thanks to the microbiome and the bacteria that control so many of our thoughts, it’s not your fault that you crave certain foods. The way food is presented matters, as does the flavor.


In order to win the war between the good and bad bacteria in our tummies, we need to trick the bad bacteria. The baddies tell us we want a burger, so go eat an Impossible™ Burger and fill your belly with nutrient-dense plants instead. A Trojan Horse of food, if you will, and so many of these exist. This is what’s necessary in order to finally give up unhealthy food once and for all, if you’ve been eating it all your life.


Many people who cut out sugar find that they don’t crave it anymore. What they are really doing is kicking out the candida bacteria from their stomach, who have overstayed their visit and were never welcome in the first place. There is a biological reason for everything.


So go out and start eating healthy alternatives. Some companies who make these are Spero Foods, making “cheese” and “eggs” out of seeds, which are more sustainable than dairy and nuts. Prime Roots creates a protein out of fungi, that is nutritious and much more earth-friendly to create than mass-produced meat products.


When it comes to food, there is so much more than putting what’s on your plate into your mouth.


You must think about how that food got there, what conditions it was raised in (whether it’s plant or meat), what it’s actually doing for your body. You should not have to medicate yourself with acid reflux medication after eating. Food is meant to nourish and energize you.


This is the future of health and food.


Food can heal and nurture us, or it can literally kill us. Awareness about food as it relates to health and the environment is on the rise, and people are considering the impact of food on their bodies and on the earth. For the sake of their long-term health, they will no longer be able to ignore the problems.


There is certainly hope for healing, and returning to our roots of plant-based, locally grown food is the direction to do so. By joining the movement, you can add the momentum and shift the culture of society towards healing.


Heal yourself.

Heal Earth.

Heal the world.