Climate Restoration is Coming

stephzoo By stephzoo - January 17th, 2019
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Earth is warming up
at an alarmingly increasing rate. Natural disasters are more frequent and
destructive. The cause? A steady increase of man-made carbon dioxide (CO2)
in the air, agreed upon by scientists and politicians.


But fear not. The
climate isn’t doomed, and neither are we. The extreme weather patterns make it
undeniably clear that climate change is real. Denial is dissolving, and it is
time for action.


The era for climate
restoration begins now.


The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (S. 3791, H.R. 7173) has been introduced to both chambers of Congress. By placing a
carbon fee on fossil fuels, it implicitly attaches environmental accountability
to things like coal, oil, and gas. The money raised by the fee will be
distributed back to every household in America.


You win, the planet
wins. Learn more about the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and its
societal impacts.


What is the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, exactly?

It mandates a
carbon fee on fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas.

Fossil fuels are finite, not renewable, and cannot sustain human
existence on Earth.


The money raised
from the fee will be distributed equally to households in America, so they have
agency over the power of their dollar. As such, the majority of Americans will
end up with more money in their pockets than the carbon fee will cost them,
based on economic evaluations of this plan.


The government does
not keep any money from the carbon fee.

It all goes back to
the people.


Economists and
scientists support the bill as it is a simple, comprehensive, and effective
solution to climate change.


According to an
economic case study, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act will:

1) Create 2.1
million jobs in the next 10 years

2) Cumulatively
increase national GDP by $1.3 trillion

3) Save 130,000
lives over 20 years because of better air quality


From an
environmental, individual, and economic perspective, it’s all positive. Are you
on board yet?




I see. It all sounds great, but what will actually change for me
as an individual?

Taxing fossil fuel
companies will likely cause an increase in consumer price of fossil fuel goods,
which will prompt everyday consumers to switch to cheaper alternatives.


In other words, if
you drive a car that uses gas then that price will increase. It may hurt to pay
more initially, but it is in the name of saving the planet.


Fortunately, this rising cost will catalyze a
sequence of events that will end in a positive cultural shift.


When fossil fuel
goods rise in cost, it will prompt companies to turn to cheaper alternatives,
like renewable energies. Greener choices will become more accessible for
everyday consumers. You will see cheaper Earth-friendly alternatives to fossil
fuel goods, making it easier to vote with your dollar in a world where you must
also save money to put food on the table.


In addition, every
household receives an equal monthly dividend from the raised carbon fee, independent
of whether or not you consume fossil fuels. You make money and come out with a
net gain for making good, Earth-conscious decisions.


Can this carbon fee truly change society?

Yes, the onus will
no longer fully be on the individual to be aware of their carbon impact.
Instead, prices will rise to implicitly reflect carbon impact of fossil fuel


Right now, the
systems in place are made so that high carbon-emitting fuels are cheaper. In a
capitalist society, lower costs drive the trends. Money talks. If we work with
the money and make sustainable goods cheaper, they will become proliferated and
popularized by the people.


Humans make up
society, and the sum of their actions equals culture. We can use money as a
tool to shift values and awareness.


Money is a powerful
agent for influencing societal change.


Change the system
from the top down. Build in carbon awareness. That is the power of the Energy
Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.



Tell me more about the bill in Congress.

The Energy
Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is co-sponsored by both Republicans and
Democrats in the 115th Congress. The House bill has already had 10 bipartisan sponsors
and more are coming on board. Strong bipartisanship is one of the bill’s
strongest features.


Partisan politics
are a problem in itself. It breeds competitiveness with winning and losing
sides, with less regard for the actual topics and people impacted. Pettiness
stagnates real impact.


By being bipartisan,
the bill curtails problems that arise with partisan politics. Thus, it enables
Congress to focus on the core foundation of it all: Climate change is
real and we need to take action.


The cataclysmic
threat that is climate change is neither a Democratic nor a Republican issue.
It belongs to all people, regardless of their political affiliations.



I am hopeful that this bill can instill carbon awareness in all
people, from individual consumers to owners of big business.

Every aspect of
human activities consumes energy and therefore has a carbon footprint. Think
about this as you go about your day.


For instance, mass
manufacturing for packaging of snacks, the shipping footprint for goods ordered
online, gas produced by cars all around in a big city. These are just some
obvious or less obvious ones of many.


Start to instill carbon awareness into your
everyday life.


Everything has a
carbon footprint. People have spent years making things easy and convenient, at
the cost of the Earth’s resources.


Energy is neither
created nor destroyed. Everything is connected.



The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act represents a
commitment in our federal government to combating climate change through a
tangible, realistic solution.


Awareness is often
the missing piece. This bill will enlist all people to help fight against
climate change. It validates climate change as a real threat. It can pioneer
the new age of climate restoration.

Join the fight, support the
Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act today by:

1) Calling
your representative
to ask them to support the

2) Tweet to
the sponsors of the bill
to thank them and give the
bill more momentum.

3) Consider the organizations or prominent community members that
might be interested in
the bill on the official website
to express their support
publicly, along with the
current supporters.


We decide what to
do with our planet.

Every person’s
individual actions can make a difference.

We can heal the
planet with right policy.


Let’s make it