Stand Out! How to Build an Impressive Profile to Gain More Clients

Admin By Admin - Updated: September 23rd, 2017
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Stand Out! How to Build an Impressive Profile to Gain More Clients

The online world’s vastness can be overwhelming, and standing out in the freelancing crowd can prove to be quite a challenge. With all the massive competition out there, you may have applied to various jobs but get few or no responses at all. If you’ve spent so much time doing these things to little or no avail, then you may want to reconsider your self-marketing strategy. Before you can effectively sell your skills and actually gain traction in the online business community, you should first build an impressive profile for the kill. Here’s how.

Start by claiming your name. You can purchase a domain name for as low as $7 per year. Have this personal URL secured before someone else does. Especially if you happen to have a relatively common name, this smart move will give you a distinct identity so potential clients can easily distinguish you from other freelancers bearing the same name.

Consider creating a striking E-signature for email interactions. Aside from including your contact info, be creative and add a tagline to brand yourself with. Adding links to your career portfolio, social networking profile or personal blog, if any, make it more convenient for potential clients to get to know you better.

Using your personal URL, have a personal website launched. Establishing an online career portfolio means creating a single go-to place for interested clients who wish to check you out. Aside from a branded resume, make sure to include other career-marketing documents to boost your qualifications. These may include a cover letter, a brief biography of your career, a summary of your achievements, reference dossier or more. Also, highlight your career history, brand assets, strengths, as well as your proposed rates or value.

Joining and participating in business or social networking groups is a trend you might want to follow. The likes of LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Ecademy, ZoomInfo and other relevant sites serve as popular marketing platforms to establish your online presence and sell yourself. Through these avenues, you can connect to more people and possibly tap into hidden job markets. Don’t forget to choose a “public” setting for your profile to land a mark in the search results and thus get noticed.

Improve your search results presence by taking part in professional associations and writing reviews on books relevant to your profession. By getting yourself involved in such associations’ networking breaks – such as online forums and discussions, blog posting, webinars, and other projects – you are making your online presence more solid. By setting up an account with Amazon, Noble or whatnot, and reviewing appropriate books in relation to your field of expertise, your profile will earn a higher ranking in the search results.

Monitor your search results status by Googling yourself once a week. Check if the results are accurately and consistently on par with your ideal vision of how prospective clients see you as a professional, and tweak as necessary.

Above all technical strategies mentioned above, the most significant aspect in building your
profile is making sure to live up to or even exceed client’s expectations. Deliver on your claims and promises at every turn. After all, positive feedback will get you rehired or even personally recommended by satisfied clients to their associates.