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Best Digital Marketing Services In Chandigarh

Guri - Jul 04th, 2019    Views 48

Kaler digital media is an all-around presumed private association in Chandigarh. The organization has a top position among others. The administrations of the organization are 100% outcome situated.


Full Java Stack Developer

sumit - May 29th, 2019    Views 120


On Contract basis


Why Brave is the best Browser

tycooperaow - Feb 15th, 2019    Views 218

Crypto Currencies | blockchain

So I been away for a little and my crypto content has dwindled. I had the holidays, then issues with my personal life... However, I'm back and ready for action! I miss you all here on Cent.ioIntroHave...


We Are Hiring in Germany

Aydin Mehmet - Feb 04th, 2019    Views 85

please send your CV at


Data Entry Processor

alexford1801 - Jan 18th, 2019    Views 91

job | data analysis | IT | usa



Trader Joe’s is Not Environmentally Friendly

stephzoo - Jan 17th, 2019    Views 39

climate change

I don’t want to have to slander everyone’s favorite grocery chain, but they ignored my diplomatic attempt to message them about it.   My roommate asked me to go to Trade...


Climate Restoration is Coming

stephzoo - Jan 17th, 2019    Views 53

climate change

Earth is warming up at an alarmingly increasing rate. Natural disasters are more frequent and destructive. The cause? A steady increase of man-made carbon dioxi...


Food Equals Health

stephzoo - Dec 16th, 2018    Views 38

food | Health and Wellness | gut | microbiome

This connection seems lost on people nowadays. Processed foods, mass-produced meats, and refined sugars flood the markets. But when you pay attention to your body, the connection betwe...


Pest Control Postitions Available in the Treasure Valley

Barrier Pest Control has two pest control openings available in the Boise area. We are looking for qualified individuals that have a knack for sales, customer service and have an excellent work ethic!...


Should I get a CBDa massage?

stephzoo - Dec 02nd, 2018    Views 46

Cannabis | Massage | Health and Wellness

Here’s a pop quiz: (1) Do you enjoy being pampered? (2) Do you like having stress literally pushed out of you with comforting, warm touch? (3) Do you want these effects to...


California Fires: The Earth is Roaring, and We Need to Listen

stephzoo - Dec 02nd, 2018    Views 39

Sustainability | Culture | Fire

These fires are going to rage and ravage whether us meager humans try to resist it or not. Resistance has already been proven to be a failed method; fire suppression has lead to even greater amounts o...


Stop Telling Me What to Watch or Read or Listen to

stephzoo - Nov 08th, 2018    Views 44

Content | recommendations

As humans, our greatest resources are our time and energy. I appreciate getting suggestions that are curated to me, since my friends know what I might like. But...


I Got Free Food from the Farmer's Market

stephzoo - Nov 08th, 2018    Views 36

food | Health and Wellness

Ah, farmer’s market. A lovely and quaint place. Soak up all the good and friendly vibes, both from the farmers coming to share the fruits of their labor and a...


How I Finally Stopped Eating Processed Foods

stephzoo - Nov 08th, 2018    Views 37

food | Health and Wellness

I used to see a family-size bag of Doritos and would proceed to devour the whole bag in one sitting, hating myself as I kept reaching back for more. I would pro...


My Muse and Me

Aqsa Mustafa - Updated: Nov 06th, 2018    Views 63

muse | coming of age | article | belief | who am I

What is a muse? A body an artist paints, a beautiful face on canvas? Someone who pulls me on when I feel no beauty on earth is worth my effort and no person singular enough that I take time? Or...none...


I Feel Sorry For Broncos Coach, Vance Joseph

Augustus Johnston - Updated: Nov 05th, 2018    Views 49

Vance Joseph | Broncos | demaryius thomas | Texans

I feel sorry for Vance Joseph, he obviously has no idea what he's doing.  Joseph is utterly and completely confused out there.  He's out of control.  The Broncos were driving late in th...


Two Campers Stranded in Colorado With Car Trouble (420 Friendly)

Augustus Johnston - Nov 03rd, 2018    Views 35

Two people that were headed up to Colorado on a camping trip were stranded after their car broke down.  They did not say exactly where they had the mishap with the car.  They have a big dog ...


Human Parts Were Found In Recycle Bin

Augustus Johnston - Updated: Nov 03rd, 2018    Views 29

Crime | News | Current Events

An AP article out of Seattle states that human parts were found in a homeowner's recycle bin.  One of the parts was a foot.  The parts were wrapped in packaging.  The body has not been ...


Father Took Daughter and Friend To Strip Club

Augustus Johnston - Nov 03rd, 2018    Views 35

News | Current Events | Crime

The Miami Herald is reporting that a Florida man took his daughter and her friend to a strip club in Doral, Florida.  The father of the girl was 60 years old.  His daughter was 16, and her f...


Changing Titles of Things After You Buy Them

Augustus Johnston - Updated: Nov 03rd, 2018    Views 39

Titles | Names | Naming Things

When people buy things like restaurants, apartment complexes, and dance clubs, the owners often like to rename the establishments.  They often do this to their own detriment.  These establis...