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The Mirror Effect

KATHERINE WILSON - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 47

Love | Empathy | Empath | Narcissist | Sociopath

I attract the sociopath/narcissist because I know that they will not truly love me....but its the only love I know. True love was a foreign language to I innersderstand that true love is s...


People > Chatbots

Admin - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 41

Do you use chat? Do you use chat bots? Most people answer yes to the first question, from whatsapp, skype, messenger, native sms apps, viber, to any messaging service. 100% of mobile and desktop users...


Top 3 Real Estate Investing Myth-Understandings

Working with investors I have the opportunity of picking their brains regarding hard learned lessons. Of course, the advice they give was priceless even though some had paid a pretty penny for that wi...


Relayo Chat Test Program

Admin - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 40 is a live chat based QA site where people can pay or for free talk with experts/peers/influencers, etc.. We made this to unleash knowledge and give people a way to monetize their expert...


People Vs. Technology

Reydai Ideas - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 56

Technology | People Management | Relationships | Motivation | Life

The main paradox of our times is that we as humans bother more to know about the latest technologies and latest gadgets and updates rather than trying to know the person that is sitting right behind o...


Empower To Be Well Blog

Darren Briggs - Updated: Sep 24th, 2017    Views 38

Nutrition | Fitness | Relationships | confidence | Leadership

Life Coaching Tips and Tools:


Consult with me for free

Hello!  You're here for help, and I'm here to offer my services.  I offer up to 8 hours of consultation by chatting through this website for free.  Please take advantage of this opportu...


Link to My Official Blog: The Best Advice So Far

Erik Tyler - Updated: Sep 21st, 2017    Views 50

life coach | life coaching | Mission & Purpose | Positivity | Self Development

Visit my official blog — The Best Advice So Far â€” which was developed as a companion to my book by the same title. There, you'll find plenty of free advice for motivation, rela...


This week's advice: Cover Letters Explained

Admin - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 73

Career | Business

When people start their job search, many ask themselves, do I need a cover letter? Cover letters tend to be overlooked in the application process because people do not realize how valuable they can be...


This week's advice: Resume Tips That Get You Hired

Admin - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 64

5 Tips for making a resume that will get you hired So, you’re in the job market and need the perfect resume to attract potential employers. But, you have no clue what that means. How do you mak...