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Over $450,000 Has Been Raised For Turpin Children

Augustus Johnston - Nov 03rd, 2018    Views 44

Turpin | Torture | Held Captive | Crime | News

As reported by Suzanne Hurt of The Press-Enterprise, donations to the abused children of The Turpins has reached $455,100.  That's a little under 40 grand each.  Still not worth all the abus...


The Hilton Downtown Miami

Augustus Johnston - Nov 03rd, 2018    Views 30

Travel | Miami | Hilton | hotel

When we arrived at the airport, the snow was coming down pretty heavily.  We entered the Delta ticketing line, and quickly found that our flight had been cancelled.  I didn't know what the c...


InterContinental Kyiv

Augustus Johnston - Nov 03rd, 2018    Views 19

Travel | Ukraine | Kyiv | Kiev | hotel

Boasting impressive views of Kiev, a spa center and elegant restaurants with chandeliers, this 5-star hotel is just a 2-minute walk from the famous St.Kiev is famous for having beautiful structur...


7 school memories that sum up the nostalgia of a magical second home

Amruta - Nov 03rd, 2018    Views 53

   There are few places on Earth with which we share a typical love-hate relationship. We hate it while being forced to be there every morning, only to return back home and be there once aga...


Alec Baldwin Arrested and Charged With Assault and Harrassement

Augustus Johnston - Nov 02nd, 2018    Views 54

Alec Baldwin | Rude Little Pig | Arrested | Assault | Manhattan

The great Alec Baldwin, everybody loves him, was arrested in New York Friday.  For a guy who everybody loves, these incidents really seem to be piling up.  Can we fairly say now, that Alec B...


Georgina Aileen Johansson

Aqsa Mustafa - Updated: Nov 05th, 2018    Views 57

short story | fiction | imaginary friend | childhood | coming of age

The one where a little girl loses her imaginary childhood friend


Marijuana Helped Me Take Back My Safe Space

stephzoo - Nov 01st, 2018    Views 25

Cannabis | marijuana | mental health | Safety | roommates

In times of sadness, marijuana helps lift me out of a funk.


My UTI Taught Me to Listen to My Body (Plus tips to fight yours)

Scroll to bottom for natural remedies and tips to combat your UTI


How to Save Money on Food

stephzoo - Updated: Nov 01st, 2018    Views 20

food | money | Frugal | no waste | COOKING

My tips and tricks.


Rebirth. Revive. Restore.

stephzoo - Nov 01st, 2018    Views 26

Happiness | Motivation | life lessons | job

August 2018 marked the beginning of the rest of my life. I quit my job.


Activation and Climate Change

stephzoo - Nov 01st, 2018    Views 22

climate change | life lessons | Motivation

Later is an excuse. Do things now. Become activated.


Appreciation Nation

stephzoo - Nov 01st, 2018    Views 33

Positivity | life lessons | Happiness | gratitude | Festivals

Positivity facilitates change. People are the most receptive when they are in positive, happy mindsets, surrounded by others with the same radiant energy.


Burning Woman

stephzoo - Nov 01st, 2018    Views 25

burning man | confidence | life lessons

As I watched the flames devour the figure of The Man on Saturday night, I felt something powerful invigorating me.


How to Practice Self-Care

stephzoo - Nov 01st, 2018    Views 31

self care | Self | confidence | Health and Wellness

What even is "self-care"?


Has Jon Gruden Completely Lost His Mind?

Augustus Johnston - Nov 01st, 2018    Views 46

Raiders | Jon Gruden | Sean Mcdonough | NFL | News

“I was a young, & had deep loves, & my heart would overflow with enthusiasm! And I mingled with the crowd, I mixed with my fellow men, speaking my thought out loud! And they gaped back at me...


Hotel Maya - a Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Review

Augustus Johnston - Updated: Nov 01st, 2018    Views 42

hotel | Maya | Long Beach | Resort | California

One of the great and unique resorts on the California coast is Hotel Maya.  The only unfortunate thing I found about Maya was the distance from the airport.  We ended up taking a bus, and tw...


The Saints Will Upset The Rams This Weekend

Augustus Johnston - Nov 01st, 2018    Views 53

NFL | Saints | Rams | picks | betting

There are going to be some very interesting NFL games this weekend, the most fascinating game is going to be The Los Angeles Rams taking on The Saints in New Orleans.  The Rams have looked like t...


Nuggets Face Cavaliers Tonight

Augustus Johnston - Nov 01st, 2018    Views 46

NBA | Nuggets | Lebron James | CAVS

What a difference a year makes, The defending Eastern Conference champions are now 1-6, coming off of the firing of their head coach, Tyronn Lue.  It is now blatantly obvious, if it wasn't before...


The $20 Trick For Vegas Upgrades

Augustus Johnston - Oct 31st, 2018    Views 26

Travel | hotel | Las Vegas

I came across a YouTube video recently in which a young guy from England talks about the $20 trick. He said if you slip the front desk agent a $20 bill at check in, there is a great possibility you wi...


My Favorite Las Vegas Hotel

Augustus Johnston - Updated: Oct 31st, 2018    Views 26

Travel | Las Vegas | Wynn | hotel

My favorite hotel in all of Las Vegas is The Wynn, owned by the now defamed Steve Wynn. When Steve wasn’t receiving erotic massages, he was designing one of the most beautiful buildings in the world...