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When Traveling, Is It Better To Rent A Car, Uber/Lyft/Cab Or Take Public Transit?

Augustus Johnston - Oct 31st, 2018    Views 17

This is a question that I've often pondered. It really depends on who you are, and what you want, but I do have a definitive answer for you... sort of. I hardly ever traveled as a young person, but on...


The Best Hotel Chains For Complimentary Drinks and Dinner

Augustus Johnston - Updated: Oct 31st, 2018    Views 26

hotel complimentary drinks | dinner | Travel | discount | free drinks

Embassy Suites is my favorite. They have a complimentary evening happy hour not three days a week, not four days a week, but seven nights a week. Normally Embassy Suites has the alcohol available at t...


Sometimes Local Car Services Are a Cheaper Way To Get From The Airport To Your Hotel Than Uber Or Lyft

Augustus Johnston - Oct 31st, 2018    Views 22

Travel | car services | airport | travel agent

One of the most difficult elements of travel is just getting from the airport of the city you've flown into to your hotel. Much of this is due to city infrastructure. Cities that have airports either ...


Freelancer tips and tricks: How to be more productive while working less

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Sep 27th, 2018    Views 64

Productivity | Efficiency | Work Life Balance | Creativity | Strategy

We've all had thoughts about the perfectly productive working day and schedule. Get up early around 5 am, and be at the desk at 6 am ready to hit the ground running. With all the tools you need at the...


How to add a world city and state search autocomplete field to your website

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Sep 13th, 2018    Views 55

Geoname | Geolocation | Databases | World Cities | Location

This may seem like a trivial task in 2018, but finding geoname city data can become a headache even if you are willing to pay for it. Learn a simple way to quickly and easily obtain this data and inte...


How to find the right long tail keywords for your blog

Sam - Updated: Sep 06th, 2018    Views 53

blog | Blogger | blogging

Writing a blog with the correct long tail keywords is very important to the performance of your blog. Many bloggers will right what they are only passionate about, but this is only half of the story. ...


Cryptocurrency jobs in San Francisco - Where to look for some gigs in a growing niche

Sam - Aug 30th, 2018    Views 52

Crypto Currencies | blockchain | decentralized apps | Careers

Another hit list for y'all. Here are the top places I like to recommend for people to go when looking for cryptocurrency jobs:


How to use LinkedIn for social selling

Sam - Updated: Aug 28th, 2018    Views 47

social selling | Linkedin

Social Selling is a prospecting activity that will continue to reward you with new leads on in an ever expanding manner. For best results, consistently execute social selling activities first thing in...


Freelancer tips and tricks: The important differences between freelancing and consulting

What are the real differences between a freelancer, independent contractor, or consultant? It may seem confusing, but there are important differences that set these kinds of freelancers apart.


A Hit List to Learn About Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Decentralized Apps, and More, Once and For All

Sam - Aug 23rd, 2018    Views 52

Crypto Currencies | blockchain | decentralized apps | Bitcoin | Ethereum

Learn about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, decentralized apps, blockchain and other amazing new information structures powering the new internet.


How to get a job interview and stand out from the crowd with a winning resume and gameplan

Sam - Updated: Aug 19th, 2018    Views 52

Career | Careers | Resumes

How to create a killer resume that will get you a chance to wow them in person


Strategic Capabilities Never Go Out Of Style - How To Maximize Your Earnings Potential

Sam - Updated: Aug 17th, 2018    Views 46

Business | Strategies | Careers

Turn yourself into the most valuable player in your league. Whether that be technology, medicine, aerospace, whatever, you need to aim to be as valuable as an oracle.


A Totally Dull and Boring Historic and Future Perspective on Cold Calling

Sam - Updated: Aug 17th, 2018    Views 48

B2B Sales | SaaS Sales | online sales funnels | Sales consulting | sales development

A historic recount of where cold calling was, is and where it will be. Sales strategies and what works in today's frenzied world.


LinkedIn for Freelancers - Win At Connecting

Sam - Updated: Sep 25th, 2018    Views 51

Linkedin | Freelancing

Linkedin is a great tool if used correctly. I've run sales teams for 15 years and during 2005 a new tool, LinkedIn promised an endless source of leads. The product grew fast driven by explosive user a...


Freelancer tips and tricks: How to deal with payments directly

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Aug 13th, 2018    Views 49

p2p payments | Payroll | Freelancing | Gig Economy | negotiating

Find out how to deal with direct payments without using an escrow system or accounting department. Sometimes it can help to know how to negotiate directly with the client, not only to make sure you ge...


5 Tactics to Improve Your Personal Brand

Sam - Updated: Aug 05th, 2018    Views 36

Personal Brand

Think about how the world has changed in visibility across social networks, liability mitigation, and branding. You are a corporation, but are you running yourself like one? Here are 5 tactical improv...


Challenger Sales Methodology Summarized by A Sales Person

Sam - Updated: Aug 05th, 2018    Views 56

B2B Sales | SaaS Sales | Sales | Sales consulting | sales development

A quick summary of what the challenger sales model is and why it is effective for modern sales teams.


Why working from home is impossible

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Aug 07th, 2018    Views 68

Freelancing | Gig Economy | side hustle | work from home | Work Life Balance

Working from home sounds like a no brainer but in reality is counterproductive and costly. Freelancers shouldn't have to learn this the hard way.


Best Places to Search For Flexible Work At Home Jobs

Sam - Updated: Apr 08th, 2018    Views 59

flexible working | work at home | Careers

Flexible work at home jobs for flexible working arrangements


Side Hustling and Ride Sharing Short Term Cash Long Term Wear

Sam - Updated: Apr 08th, 2018    Views 72

uber | lyft | ride sharing | door dash | postmates

Side Hustling on Uber vs Lyft vs Door Dash vs your Wallet in the Long vs Short term