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How to get paid directly in Bitcoin and Litecoin: The final frontier of crypto currency and the gig economy.

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Mar 09th, 2018    Views 73

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Crypto Currencies | Gig Economy | Business Consultant

Get paid directly in Bitcoin and Litecoin using crypto consultations and get prepared for the new gig economy.


SaaS Sales Techniques for the Modern Age

Sam - Updated: Mar 04th, 2018    Views 66

SaaS Sales | information technology

Selling Software as a service in the modern age to tech decision makers across many verticals outlined here.


Post A Job or Gig for Free In the Right Place

Sam - Updated: Mar 04th, 2018    Views 72

Gig Economy | Career

Where to post a free job or free gig posting in the gig economy. Connect with freelancers instantly in the right way.


Why you should be mining Bitcoin and Litecoin at a loss

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Feb 28th, 2018    Views 71

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Crypto Currencies

Consider mining Bitcoin and Litecoin at a loss if you want to truly invest in the network.


Why Litepay is important for Litecoin and Bitcoin

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Feb 28th, 2018    Views 69

Litecoin | Bitcoin | Crypto Currencies

Litepay will be an important addition to the Litecoin ecosystem and encourage other entrepreneurs to join in.


Top Cryptocurrencies for 2018

Sam - Updated: Feb 25th, 2018    Views 52

Bitcoin | Ethereum | Litecoin

List of top cryptocurrencies to explore in 2018. From bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, to stellar,


Why the Bitcoin "air drop" forks are a bad idea

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Feb 25th, 2018    Views 50

Bitcoin | Crypto Currencies | Litecoin

The bitcoin "air drop" fork craze is simply an extension of the ico craze before it, just another fad and money grab. So get your "free" money while it lasts.


Why some smart people are using dumb phones

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Aug 09th, 2018    Views 88

Productivity | cellphone | smartphones | Organization

Why are some business professionals ditching their smart phones? Maybe because it's keeping them more productive and focused rather than constantly distracted.


Trezor tips and tricks: Trezor and backup seed storage

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Sep 17th, 2018    Views 96

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Crypto Currencies | Bitcoin Wallet | Trezor

The Trezor is a very well made and secure device, but it's important to have layers of defense against theft or loss, instead of being lulled into a false sense of security. It's especially important ...


My experience using the Coinbase Shift Card with my Litecoin wallet

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Sep 17th, 2018    Views 636

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Ethereum | Bitcoin Cash

The Coinbase shift card is great for Bitcoin users, but sadly is not well supported for other coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.


How to actually make money fast

Nick Rodriguez - Jan 28th, 2018    Views 84

Gig Economy | budget | money | saving

With the rise of the gig economy, comes the promise of working remotely, being your own boss, or making money easy money in your spare time on the side.There are now various services and schemes such ...


Is Bitcoin in a bubble? That depends on your perspective.

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Feb 01st, 2018    Views 51

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Crypto Currencies | Bubble

With Bitcoin back in the news again, but this time in a negative light, we're seeing mainstream talk of bubbles and tulip mania and even how Bitcoin might crash the economy if it goes down.So far Bitc...


Sales is Honesty

Sam - Jan 24th, 2018    Views 69

B2B Sales | B2C Sales | Sales | SaaS Sales

“40% of the time we are selling, no matter what our profession…” - paraphrased from Daniel Pink’s book “To Sell is Human” I want to share my thoughts on what makes an extremely successful ...


A List of Links to Learn About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency's in a Speedy Way

Sam - Jan 23rd, 2018    Views 102

Bitcoin | Ethereum | DAO | IPFS | Crypto Currency

Chances are you've watched the bitcoin train come and go, and then roll up the hill and back down, and again, and again, rinse repeat, you get it. You may have also attempted some research online and ...


How the 2018 Bitcoin tax changes can benefit Litecoin

Nick Rodriguez - Jan 18th, 2018    Views 80

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Crypto Currencies | Tax Strategy | taxes

With the recent tax reform bill came some significant changes in the way Bitcoin is taxed, especially for day traders using daily transactions on the exchanges and trading in and out of multiple coins...


BitCoin Wallet App: Why It Is A Good Investment For Future?

Kevin - Jan 16th, 2018    Views 68

Bitcoin | Bitcoin Wallet | Crypto Currencies

In this modern world, everything is becoming digital. All we need to do is simply to move at a similar pace. Presently, we can’t even imagine how to do numerous essential things without our smar...


Vaults of Fortune the Magazine, Issue 1, 11/2017

Rene Ramirez - Nov 11th, 2017    Views 65

Security | Safety | Entrepreneur | freelance | Discipline

First blog entry, November 12th, 2017Check out our digital magazine, the desktop version looks much better. I'm Rene, creator and founder of Vaults of For...


Audio Engineering - Sound Reinforcment

Ray - Nov 11th, 2017    Views 61

If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one to witness, will it still make a sound? They should have asked a soundman ! Yes, the falling tree will move a lot of air, and the movement of air mol...


How To Grow A Small Business in 2017

The year 2017 has been one of the most innovative years in a very long time, many new businesses have been announced and all kinds of business ideas have flowed the web from all over the place. W...


How to Hire a Freelancer

Charlie Jackman - Oct 28th, 2017    Views 47

Freelancer | hiring | Project Management

So you think it's time to hire a freelancer? You have got a project and you need to get stuff built. You read The 4-Hour Workweek and are certain that for just a few bucks you can get the most am...