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Meet Soo Young Lee and Dustin Payne - Experts In Personal Growth, Coaching and More!

Admin - Updated: Sep 22nd, 2017    Views 53

Personal Growth | Coaching | Relationships | parenting skills | Creativity

Company Name: Challenge GenieTwitter Handle:@ChallenGenieURL: http://www.challengenie.comFacebook: My husband and I along with a...


Nicole Thanh - Ready to Help With Your Digital Marketing and Advertising Needs!

Admin - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 63

Marketing | Advertising | Strategy | content marketing

Nicole ThanhCompany Name: Contemporary MarketingCheck out: contemporary-agency.comIntro:Hey there! My name is Nicole! My academic and professional background has been profoundly and extensively i...


How to Avoid a Half-Lived Life

Soo Young Lee - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 45

Illustration by TamypuThere are ways we can avoid the complacency of a half-lived life. It takes vigilance and constant practice but it is so worth it. Each day, we can work toward our personal goals ...


Distractions From Life

Soo Young Lee - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 46

Distractions come in many forms and often disguise themselves as “important,” but are nothing more than habits we develop which can keep us from fulfilling our true purpose in life.When I ...


Is There Such Thing as Humane Wool?

Tammy@GFV - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 51

Cruelty Free | humane | sheep | wool | animal welfare

Is it possible to enjoy wool fashion without supporting animal cruelty? Yes, if you make the effort to buy humane wool and wool products from ethical producers. Here I’ve put together some sour...


Automated Regulatory Management System for Business Operation

ALFATEK Team is getting ready to introduce ARM platform to the US Market. The program represents a complete solution for business automation from A to Z. All departments of the enterprise are ...


All-Sidedness: Flexibility of Mind and Body

Soo Young Lee - Updated: Sep 22nd, 2017    Views 36

A balanced individual lives from a sense of all-sidedness that allows for an open approach to interacting with the world. An all-sided person bends like the bamboo in the storm but finds one's strengt...


:( Are Your Email Open Rates Declining? Find out Why...

Mr. Reyes - Updated: Sep 24th, 2017    Views 43

Email Marketing | click through rate | open rate | quickmarketwit | quick market wit

Hey there,Karl Reyes here from QuickMarketWit. Don't bother looking it up just yet, as my site won't be up until January 1, 2018. :PIf you're reading this, I just want to thank you for taking the time...


Robert Beisert - Pro Software Architect

Admin - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 43

software | Software Development | agile | technical strategy

Name: Robert Beisert Company: Self-employed contractor/consultant URL: Introduction: I'm a software architect specializing in small-business technology strategies ...


Gary George with Zion Photography

We'd like to introduce to the community, ZION PHOTOGRAPHY! Name: Gary GeorgeCompany Name: Zion Photography URL: http://www.zionphotography.orgIntroduction (tell us about yourself):What ...


Excerpts from Big Marv

Big Marv - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 35

WordPress | consulting | development | Web Design | intern

Hey guys! I'm Big Marv. I run a development and digital marketing company called Coffin Studios. My aim is to build a community of like minded developers and marketers in their respective niches ...


Recursive Design Simplification

Robert Beisert - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 47

Programming | Planning | Life Skills

Have you ever stared blankly at a task, unsure of how to continue? If we're all honest, everyone's dealt with that at one point or another, whether it be in planning a business or simply a school assi...


Can I get a ticket for Operating a Boat Under the Influence of Alcohol?

Randy - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 50

The simple answer is YES. California law prohibits operating a vessel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Generally, the term “vessel” means all watercraft, including motorboats...


How to setup a simple and easy self-hosted vehicle tracking system

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: Aug 07th, 2018    Views 224

gps | tracking | gps tracking | Car and Vehicle | fleet

Learn about simple fleet tracking without vendor lockin or recurring costs, and keeping your data private and under your control.


Think like a salesperson for freelance success

Sam - Updated: Sep 21st, 2017    Views 51

Freelancer | Gig Economy | B2B Sales | B2C Sales

Think like a salesperson for freelance success The independent labor market is growing, with side hustlers, shared economy offerings, and full time freelancers. There aren’t any shortcuts, or g...


Why I Support Humane Farming, Even as a Vegetarian

Tammy@GFV - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 54

animal welfare | animal rights | Humane Farming | Animals | Farm Animals

Let me start by saying that I am very well aware that humane farming labels are sometimes misleading. Factory farms often label their products “humane” as a marketing ploy. Producers can u...



Sam - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 44


You probably already know this... but you're distracted and lack focus. It's ok, so am I. 20% of our effort results in 80% of our results, so what are we wasting our time on? Here are some tips can he...


WTF is Ethereum? Well now there's a site for that! Here's a link, great resource.

Sam - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 62

Ethereum | Crypto Currencies

Had to share this as its a great example of information delivered based on who you are.! Check it out


Simple tips on how to be a better customer

Sam - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 48

Customer Service

Think about your trips to the coffee shop, retail stores, the bank, and how you act... are you a great customer? If you are, the world needs more people like you! If you’re not, you’re n...


Top 3 Web Design Rules

Sam - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 60

Web Design | Web developer

Question: If you were a DJ, do you play the music you like or do you play the music your audience likes? Think about the audience, that is the first step to website design success. - If you are a busi...