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California Fires: The Earth is Roaring, and We Need to Listen

stephzoo - Dec 02nd, 2018    Views 39

Sustainability | Fire

These fires are going to rage and ravage whether us meager humans try to resist it or not. Resistance has already been proven to be a failed method; fire suppression has lead to even greater amounts o...


Adventures of Rosy Posy the Papillion ~ FRIENDSHIP ~ A Children's Values Series Book

Diana Rangaves - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 70

Book Development | Book Promotion | Books | facebook | Facebook advertising

Children’s Book by Diana Rangaves Title: Adventures of Rosy Posy the Papillion~ A Children’s Values Series Book Rosy Posy, an adorable Papillion, learns how to makes friends,...


The body of resistance

The week that Trump became President-Elect, I noticed a painful growth in my left breast.On November 9th, I sat in a car with three women. We lamented about how our bodies ached, and we listened t...