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Better portrait sessions: 5 tips for the brandnew

As a portrait photographer I quickly went from 0 experience to shooting  up to six portrait sessions a day 5 days a week. I photographed everything from newborns to adults to groups as large as 1...


Salary Negotiation Tips: How Much Are You Worth

Negotiating can either be one of the most exciting endeavors or one of the most stressful. Being an expert negotiator can help you save money on purchases or even better, help you earn money in you...


Does our education system really make us better people

Reydai Ideas - Updated: Sep 20th, 2017    Views 45

Generation | Counseling | training | Teaching | Redifining education

Approximately 80% of students are graduating high school, yet less than half of these students are ready for what’s next. Yes, it’s true, our education system at this point of time has b...


How to Ace Your Job Interview!

Amy Tremayne - Updated: Sep 23rd, 2017    Views 58

5 year plan | Career | Careers | Career Fulfillment | Internships

You paid a professional to review your resume. You filled out an extremely long application. You have an interview scheduled for a J-O-B (hopefully the kind made of dreams). Marshal Mathers may be s...