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Challenger Sales Methodology Summarized by A Sales Person

Sam - Updated: Aug 05th, 2018    Views 50

B2B Sales | SaaS Sales | Sales consulting | sales development | sales management

A quick summary of what the challenger sales model is and why it is effective for modern sales teams.


Sales Interview Tips for Today's Sales Reps

Sam - Updated: Mar 11th, 2018    Views 40

B2B Sales | SaaS Sales | Recruiting | interview prep | interviewing

I’ve interviewed over 1000 sales reps in my lifetime as someone who started out his professional career as a sales recruiter and now operating as a sales leader. From these experiences I can tell yo...


Sales is Honesty

Sam - Jan 24th, 2018    Views 41

B2B Sales | B2C Sales | SaaS Sales

“40% of the time we are selling, no matter what our profession…” - paraphrased from Daniel Pink’s book “To Sell is Human” I want to share my thoughts on what makes an extremely successful ...