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I'm here to help, so don't hesitate to ask! I love research if I don't know something, I'm going to find out. If you need advice, I love to help people reach their goals. I grew up working with horses, which led to being a vet tech for many years. Need some basic advice for your pets I'm here for you, If you want to know about reptiles or taking care of fish, it's a hobby of mine. I raced in the X-Games and can tell you what I did to get sponsorship. Free stuff is cool! I grew up drawing, painting, sculpting; you name it if it's art related I can help. Want to know about color theory, group dynamics, what it takes to create a movement, team building, envy transactions. The secret to success, the psychology of influence and persuasion, It's a game changer. UI/UX I'm a leading expert in the industry. I have been using adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator, for over 15 years, want to know OmniGraffle, Invision or other software prototyping tool, I'm your guy. What to do about diabetes. Or someone to talk to about suicide, please ask for me I want to help and am here to listen, I know how you feel. Need to know about making apps for Apple iOS. I have some tricks that will help you get in the app store. I can't wait to assist you with questions about Macintosh or anything else I listed in my tags. If you need help from an expert in the areas I listed all you have to do is ask.