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As a Creative Consultant, developing projects and executing strategies I am vested in my clients success. My clients are made up of a diverse cross section of today's most innovative, creative based organizations, established brands and individuals. Using a "Architectural Thinking" to develop the strategy to take action and tailored steps in building projects and initiatives. Mapping out the essential needs, purpose and ultimate positive effects of each product and experience. Offering a unique combination of match making/collaboration, creative problem solving, marketing and branding. Creative direction with exposure to brand development. By imparting critical leadership skills for mobilizing and expand the reach of my clients while keeping the vision of their company in tact.From Mission statements to an "agile" business model, with multiple channels of income flow. I am confident that the phases I have developed using by back ground and experience, will provide growth and sustained business practices.
With over 15 years experience combining design, marketing and creative direction with extensive project management and exposure to the creative fields. Leading in concept development, business development, planning and implementation of compelling projects and event that convey a strong understanding of customers and current market.