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Hello - I am an experienced entrepreneur and investor in consumer electronics, mobile apps, gaming, and esports. If you need an advisor in marketing, finance, ecommerce, or product development, I'm happy to help.

One of the best-known and highly respected executives in the Esports industry, Brian is the founder of Fnatic Gear, a consumer electronic company which designs and manufactures headsets, keyboards, mice, and fashion apparel for the growing masses of Esports and video game fans.

As CEO for Fnatic Gear, Brian led the company from nothing to a global multimillion dollar business with sales and distribution of its products across North America, Europe, and Asia. During his tenure at Fnatic, Brian raised venture capital and led the acquisition of Func AB, a fellow consumer electronics company, to expand the development, logistics, and supply chain capabilities of Fnatic Gear.

Prior to joining Fnatic, Brian served in a number of business development and marketing capacities at the Kenwood Group, a marketing agency that serves Fortune 500 clients in tech and gaming. During that time Brian also served as President and board member of the San Francisco American Marketing Association. Most notably Brian was involved with the launch of AAA video games such as Dead Island 2 and Saints Row 4 as well as notable product marketing campaigns for NVIDIA's Tegra 4 and Shield products.

While most know Brian for his work in gaming, consumer electronics, and Esports, to his close friends he is best known for his love of tennis. He was an MVP for the Men's Varsity team, coached for 5 years, and plays USTA matches regularly. Currently he serves as an investor and advisor to Smash!, a mobile app to connect tennis players with one another.