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Since 1984 I have practiced as a nutrition and fitness consultant. As a nationally certified (A.C.S.M.) wellness, fitness and nutrition/weight loss coach I help individuals define their wellness vision. This includes developing their three month vision and weekly goals. I help my clients create new skills and positive habits around health, fitness and food. I use motivational interviewing skills to help my clients make positive behavior lifestyle changes in the areas of weight management, general health, nutrition, fitness and stress management. Through my coaching, my clients learn to implement strategies to overcome obstacles, which help them reach their goals.

Over the past 10 years I have years I have successfully combined my knowledge of insurance with my skills as a wellness and nutrition coach, and have developed a program called “Get Fit Stay Fit For Life”, which helps individuals, who are applying for life and health insurance, create better healthy habits for themselves, which may allow them to qualify for better rates.

I was a Team Elite Member with Power Bar for 14 years, a competitive triathlete, swimmer and trail runner, a bodybuilder and fitness competitor, and a Fitness TV Host for ABC 7 News in San Francisco from 1999-2003.