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Teresa A. Wilgus

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I consider myself a Lifestyle Blogger/Content Writer because I write about exactly that. Life! My personal website has a variety of topics ranging from Motherhood, Self-Improvement, Relationships, Cooking to the NFL and Fantasy Football. And, many topics in between. Finding one "niche" and sticking to it isn't necessarily how I like to do it. I feel taking on new topics and applying my views as a mom and everyday kind of girl, provides a way of looking at issues, forces me to step out of my Creative Box and allows me to have a little something for everyone to enjoy.

I am a mom of 3 sons, all now grown to outstanding young men. Discovering my passion for writing came to me a little later in life than some. As I always try to look for a positive in everything, the positive here is I have a vast amount of life experiences to pull from for my writing. I love engaging with readers and knowing I may have shined a little light for a reader somewhere is what fuels my drive to continue.