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• Leader, self-starter and master organizer with skills honed from over 17 years experience as owner - operator of 3 small businesses.
• Leadership and mentoring: Managed, trained, and supervised 10 to 40 employees.
• Experienced in Business Operations, Management, HR, Customer Service, Sales and Training, Marketing and Event Planning, Accounting and Administrative support.
• Author of company policy, manager and employee guidebooks, manager snapshot reports, new employee interview guides, and business daily/weekly/monthly checklists.
• Founder of local Social Media groups.
• Proficient with Access, Word, Excel, Powerpoint 2013, PhotoShop, Illustrator, QuickBooks 2016, Kickserv, LightSpeed Point of Sale, KickServ, Asana, HIPAA, ADP, Paychex, Social Media, DropBox, Google Docs, office LAN, wireless office peripheral equipment, and most digital medias on Mac/ PC Platforms.

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