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As a certified professional coach, I encourage people to transform their daily lives with clarity and awareness to help identify where they are at right now and where they want to be. Creating this "road map" helps clients see the patterns that have served them and to identify what is no longer useful. Through small steps toward big change, I guide them to their own innate ability to find solutions for their current challenges as well as motivate them toward their future goals.

We are all choice-makers, and we are all responsible for our future. Only as a client takes responsibility for their decisions can they see that they can affect their current situation as well as their prospective future. I employ clarity of insight, honesty and supportive feedback to create a safe space for client to reflect and share their own process.

I am an Editor and Contributor for the website: where we share personal narratives regarding our struggles and progress toward living the authentic life that we envision. Writing has always been a passion of mine and a powerful form of communication to convey experiences and information. As a professor and writing coach, I have taught creative and professional writing for over 14 years.

I am available for coaching as well as writing consultation sessions. My rates are reasonable, and I am dedicated to this profession because it is my calling.

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  1. Papa Byrd and Sunshine I was very impressed with the response time! Mrs. Lee is on the ball, and you will not be waiting long for a response! Jun 11, 2017