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As a talented individual with a " Jack of Trades " mentality I realized something I'm a Project Manager with excellent leadership skills to motivate and drive every organizations potential to a exponential connection with the world.

My goal is to expand into a real and unbelievable website.

For now it's a simple page that can generate me income in the mean time. While my income extends I do have a retirement goal from business itself.

Somewhere in the trillion dollars. Why ?
Because the world will have endured some times and more importantly inflation will occur overtime not over night. What people don't understand is time is valuable and time will take its toll on the Internet and technology.

Not to mention my passion for bit coin research and development, in Stock markets. I think that is a dream to create a Stock market based out of Texas (Southern Stock market ), and the inflation of bitcoin will keep the market very well profitable. The first will be my won enterprise, I am decently knowledgeable on investments in companies. More than likely I will have a corporation, and the preferred stockholders will be my own children and their respective mothers. I plan to make 1,000 children in my life time, before I leave this earth and I find this is a very good support for financial institutions and families.
Something missing in the market, love, and family values towards business.

I hope this clarifies my big brain ideas. That's just part of what I will want, the nx part is making a successful career company with the best luxury models and brands, along with a spaceship engineering company for other companies to do business with us for their space vacations expedition soon to come towards the market.