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25+ years of software design and development in all kinds of computing environments with a focus on mobile over the last 5 years. I have a solid background creating reusable, component and object oriented designs in every environment I've been plugged into (mobile, web, desktop). I love building, refactoring, puzzle solving, teams and startups. I am very goal oriented with a great track record of delivering high quality software on time with rich user interfaces in scaled environments.


* Software Architecture, design, refactoring, patterns and mentoring

* Building small to large teams from scratch including development processes

* Distributed systems, networking, n-tier and peer to peer systems

* Image processing, animation, effects, video, vision, and other multimedia based apps

* Mobile (Android), desktop, and web with a passion for consumer facing projects

* Hardware interfacing and control

* Designing or consuming REST APIs like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Best Buy, etc

* Heavy use, secure, commercial grade consumer applications (Olympics, Library of Congress, Getty Images,,, Halo, Limelight, etc)