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I educate on Yoga & Empowerment, specializing with women seeking fulfillment in life.
I managed several yoga studios, have taught several styles of yoga in many different formats, & am known for my skills with women's empowerment.
I was a leading manager in corporate settings before finding my passion for health & wellness, recognized for my integrity, honesty, & skills in guiding.
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Yoga & Empowerment Educator – Speaker – Writer

Kerensia’s just moved from CA to Boulder and is settling into a new chapter here in town. She feels most at home and lit up when talking about the tools to take our power back. ​Honesty and kindness are her deepest values. These days she's all fired up about passion, purpose, and potential.

Years back, before ever taking a class,​ she​ knew ​she​ was going to teach yog​a. She was being called to educate on wellness and she wanted to go deep which led her to emphasizing self empowerment in all of her work.​ ​Through yoga Kerensia was able to gain a tremendous amount of much needed clarity, amplify her purpose, and use it all to redirect and move forward in being of service to others.

Speaking, writing, teaching yoga, and working with women privately on self empowerment struggles are just a few of the main ways she taps into being of service. That's where her heart's at. Ideally in a yoga class you'll gain tools that are transformative on and off the mat. Yoga classes with her are accessible yet challenging​ f​rom relaxing Restorative to dynamic Vinyasa/Flow​. She teaches based on ​the unique needs​ of whoever’s in the room​ and focuses on getting out of our own way so we can live life fully alive. Amplified.

In California ​she managed 3 yoga studios and became an integral part of Monterey Bay’s wellness community​.​ Kerensia believes that the certifications don’t always make the teacher, that sometimes purpose instead leads the way. Purpose can sometimes just be waiting for our recognition.​ She believes that regardless of our unique individualized paths or purpose, whatever we do should come from integrity & the heart​.

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