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Hello! If you are wanting to be a star (or just wanting to do something different that makes you feel good!) and have packed up your car or SUV or hoverboard and are moving here to Hollywood and you want to pick someone's brain with questions about anything and everything related to acting or writing (scripts, stories, treatments or a synopsis) or songwriting/singing, then you have found a seasoned veteran of this town. I don't give advice, only valuable information gained through years of experience and lots and lots of crying...JK...not really. Okay! Being aware of all of the ins and outs of this business and how to traverse it can save you lots of time, trouble and money. I've grown up here in the entertainment capitol of the world and have professional acting experience for over 25 years (I know I don't look that old, it's the smog out preserves the skin) I currently edit for Vendera publishing, I've had multiple songs placed in films and network television shows and recently had a blast getting slapped on the butt by Mike Myers on the new Gong Show where I performed as a character from a short film I wrote. Also, please see my other tags as I have experience helping in those areas as well! Cheers!