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If you publish a lot of content under tight deadlines, I can help you get and convert more visitors, solve your content production pains, get your content projects completed on time, train your team to create great content, understand the results you're getting, and achieve your results efficiently and affordably.


Created the marketing, content management, project management, e-commerce, membership, community and customer support systems for a startup news and information website that grew to serve over 400,000 unique visitors and 3,500,000 pageviews monthly.

Managed daily production and final approval of all content on all channels, including editorial and branding review, production QA, appropriateness and language usage. Resulted in high-quality content that was consistent across all channels, and provided excellent reader experiences.

Planned, created and managed a membership subscription system that attracted over 10,000 paid subscribers. Resulted in subscription income that provided stable recurring income stream which paid all costs and invoices each month.

Developed social media integration that reached over 800,000 people per week and gain over 360,000 followers. This helped attract new visitors, drive repeat visits, identify geographical demographics and overcome negative public relations.


Skills: project management, project manager, content management, content manager, website, social media, digital, seo, search engine optimization, content management system, cms, wordpress, web producer, executive producer, ab testing, conversion, call to action, newsletter, managing editor, content strategist, content marketing manager, digital strategist, community, subscription, membership, leadership, results.