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I am a project manager, editor, education consultant, and walking and nature guide currently living in Blackwood, which is a hills suburb of Adelaide in South Australia. My interests range from Community Building and Project Management through to Thesis Editing and Nature Guiding. I am also interested in Social Benefit Projects, Sociology, and Criminology.

My offerings are as follows:

1) Currently producing a set of toolkits, courses and resources on personal & community resilience to the environmental and economic limits that modern capitalism faces;
2) Professional editing service for theses, manuscripts for publication, student assignments & commercial publications;
3) Global teaching via Skype and email in English as a Second Language, essay writing, GAMSAT entry test essay writing, Year 12 Research Project, Sociology, Politics, Criminology, Globalisation, and Public Health;
4) Writing and Research services - blogging, ghostwriting, research service for academics and businesses;
5) Personal coaching consultancy based on the principles of goal setting, resilience and positive psychology - 'without the usual life coaching garbage!';

In addition, I teach Sociology at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia.

My academic (teaching and research expertise) is widespread encompassing the following elements:


- Resilience and Mental Health
- Resilience and Cigarette Smoking
- Consumerism
- Enlightenment Values and History
- Surveillance and Security
- Neoliberalism and Globalisation
- Gambling and Online Gaming
- Social Media for Small Business


- Sociology & Psychology of Health
- Health Promotion
- Indigenous Health
- Globalisation
- Criminology
- Sociology of Consumerism
- Sociology of Emotion