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Nick Rodriguez

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Location:Napa, California


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Hello everyone,

My name is Nick, and I am the Co-founder of Relayo. Like everyone, I have years of experience in my field of expertise, but also knowledge from all areas of life that I've collected in my brain just waiting to be unleashed. I'm happy to be a part of this growing community of experts and help anyway I can. I really hope you enjoy your experience on this site, it's designed to connect people as quickly as possible so they can share that knowledge and put it to good use.


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  1. Neil Raja Great blog about mobile phone apps. I agree with everything that you wrote about mobile phone apps. I'd like to add to that, the fact that frameworks that are supposed to be great for building mobile phone apps do not live up to their hype. If I ever were to develop one, I would insist on native. Apr 18, 2017

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