Hello to all you Relayo peeps! (Relayo cofounder)

I care about helping people thrive. To that end, I'm here to help in anyway I can and offer free consultations relating to anywhere I can add value.

I've been in IT, Sales and Management for 14 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. From Google adwords to Google badwords (just kidding), I can help you build a sales pipeline, marketing campaign, manage growth strategies, be a better golfer (just don't do what I do), find good beer, chat travel, and locate some delicious pho!

From a business standpoint I'd like to welcome to the world of Relayo. We are on a mission to unleash knowledge via amazing connections. Please reach out to me if I can be of any help and I will do my best to ensure your experience on our site reaches greater potential. We all have knowledge to offer but there is much more we can learn. I am here to help as well as learn from the community by making knowledge thrive in the effort to help grow your business, promote your passion, and empower flexible work life balances.

As a member of the community, I can help you with my subject matter knowledge. I have been part of sales and marketing teams in the world of consumer electronics, enterprise software and tech in many forms. Audio Video tech, computing, software, and other forms of technology are areas that I love to engage in. As a sales guy for most of my professional life, subjects like pipeline management, client engagement, and strategy are areas that interest me, but that's just the start, as you know the world of sales is expansive. I really enjoy consulting and have made some great connections with some of you already.

On a personal note, I can help you with my life knowledge which is quite random! I am a sports fan of just about any type cf recreation and competitive activity you can imagine. As a tech enthusiast I'm up for any tech related conversation and always enjoy talking about the future of innovation. Check out my listed tags for all that I can engage around and don't hesitate to reach out.

Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting, we've got some amazing stuff happening and debuting here. From ambassador programs where you can share in the revenue to unlocking hidden knowledge that exists all around us, this is just the beginning.


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