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Adeline Yeo is a freelance writer, educator and certified computer technician from Singapore. She has five years above internet marketing experience in the I.M world. She is also a fresh graduate of her Computer Repair and Maintenance Course and Introduction to Information Technology from her local technical college and ALISON e-learning Institute.

In Basic Computer and Repair Course, she learned and acquired relevant hands-on training of basic knowledge about personal computer, upgrading of personal computers, setting-up of Windows Operating Systems and Application Programs, understanding the architecture of computer systems, understanding the functions of peripheral devices in micro-computer systems, set up hard drive subsystem, testing peripheral devices of a personal computer system, maintenance of personal computers, create recovery disk, troubleshooting of common problems in personal computers, simple home-networking, assemble and dissemble a computer.

in Introduction to Information Technology, I understand how information systems are used to help an organisation meet their goals. The types of data used in information systems and the structure, formats and conventions of data. The different techniques and procedures that are used to produce information. I gained a good knowledge of techniques to solve problems such as top-down analytical, bottom-up synthetic and iterative approaches.I also learned techiques such as creating structure charts, flow charts, IPO charts and storyboarding that can be beneficial when finding a solution to a problem. I'm more aware of an organisation's structures and goals. All about the capabilities and characteristics of hardware including storage units, operating systems, and much more. I'm able to help you to solve problems and identify different types of information systems and understand how to secure your data using single key encryption, public key encryption and stegnography effectively. I learned how to control access to data using authentication and identification methods, password procedures and backup methods. I'm more aware of biometrics and its limitations.