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I'm a 'Jill of many trades', well-rounded, and have had my hand in many different pots. I'm happy to share what I know about the subjects I have studied and gained experience in along my journey through life. I have 20+ years experience in most of the listed professional categories. Much of my experience comes from: 15 years working with children (I am also a parent), a BS in Public Health, 12 years in the Navy, 4 years as a family support worker, and 6 years as a small business owner. I'm an admin and customer service guru. I'm a certified instructor and have facilitated classes on topics such as nutrition, physical fitness, childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, parenting, stress management, meditation, pain management, communication, customer service, budgeting basics, professionalism, and leadership. For several years I've provided one on one tutoring in Language Arts, essay writing, organization and study skills. I also work as a freelance editor and writing coach. If English isn't your strongest subject, I can help. I look forward to hearing from you, whatever your question/need may be.