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I am a former professor of business writing, strategy, and technology at both the university and college level and freelance business consultant for over 10 years specializing in marketing/communications, human resources, and organizational change management. In my consulting roles, I've worked on projects that have included an international rebranding; website development & editing for multiple companies; upskilling hundreds of employees with the latest in Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, Project, and Adobe Acrobat Pro skills; developing cohesive employee recruitment, onboarding & retention strategies; and on-site management of national events.

A few years ago I shifted gears and moved out of the city to save my sanity and found myself spending more time acting as a healthy living coach, yoga teacher, and advisor to small business owners on finding ways to be more efficient at work and create a healthy work-life balance by getting focused, organized, and automated.

Currently, I live to take on fun and interesting freelance consulting & event management gigs for small-medium business, do voice over work for clients around the world, and write business class curriculum for and I get to do it all from my home in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

In my spare time, I enjoy working on home renovation and furniture restoration projects, meditative painting, creating new healthy recipes, training with my two dogs, and exploring beautiful BC with my husband on weekend camping and hiking trips wherever possible. Ask me anything - I am a Jill of almost all trades!