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Amy Tremayne

Hourly Rate  $ 100.00



Management. Strategic sales. Career development. Communication. These skills mean nothing if the you cannot relate to the person behind them. That's the difference between a leader and a manager. A leader relates to his peers in a way that inspires them to work towards the common goal. A leader takes responsibility for the goal. A leader owns the results. Being a leader in your field or industry is as easy as wanting it. Becoming a leader is as easy as you make it.

I currently run a successful real estate team in the Northern California region. We will be expanding the team in 2017. This expansion will allow me the opportunity to help new real estate agents develop their dream business. That's right, their OWN business. I'm a true believer in helping people obtain the same financial autonomy that I have had the opportunity to obtain. We live in a world of abundance, there is no need to hoard knowledge or expertise. In my previous life I was a sales trainer specialising in phones sales while simultaneously leading a record breaking sales team. I have also had a hand in technical writings for large corporations ranging from producing training manuals to creating original content for multipurpose uses.

My ultimate goal is to help you break your glass ceiling and reach goals you haven't even pictured yet. I work with individuals from all walks of life. That's the beauty of a leader, they can relate to all people no matter the differences that may appear to separate us. YOUR FIRST 30 MINUTE BRAINSTORM IS FREE! We will review your goals together and create a plan that will help you put your best foot forward.

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