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Hi, My name is Matt. I have done a ton of stuff in my search of self discovery, fighting in a war, leadership role at a manufacturing plant, being a successful entrepreneur, getting a super hard degree, camping, hiking, shooting, traveling to Cambodia, Thailand, going to the World Cup in Brazil, and experiencing the joys of Iraq and Kuwait. That was just my 20's, I'm now in my 30's and am taking my entrepreneurial mind towards virtual and augmented reality applications, learning how to become a professional locksmith, and contemplating going to medical school to become a radiologist. I might not be a master at any one thing but I do know a lot about a lot of stuff.
Leadership Experience:
8 Years Marine Corps Combat Veteran
Production Supervisor of a Manufacturing Plant for 4 months
B.S. Chemical Engineering
Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Reactor design, Aspen HYSYS, Distillation Columns and Towers,
Started, ran, and developed odd jobs business using only a bucket and a laptop
3 years of Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, On page optimization, Web development, Graphic Design, Social media marketing and advertising, and finally PPC campaign optimization.